Our New Home

It has now been 13 months (oh my days how time flies) since the big move from our tiny little white box on an Innovation Centre to the dream that is a renovated bar/nightclub, with exposed beams, cracked floor tiles (from all those stiletto heels), exposed brick walls and so much more that just pleases the soul upon opening the doors each morning. The Warehouse oozes creativity and that was the main goal when signing the lease on the building back in 2014.

Since the doors have opened we have welcomed in some new friends to the warehouse that sit perfectly within the ‘creative area’ and compliment what we do here in our design studio. We have a social media company called Mediabeard, an up and coming art gallery Deasil and the very talented sports photographer Simon Derviller. The warehouse is divided up by 3 floors which accommodates all three companies really well, even leaving space for a few desk rentals for freelancers if they come knocking…. hello world!

The beauty of having four companies under the one roof, is the ability to discuss and help each other, in some cases even collaborate on jobs together, which has been the case with both Mediabeard and Simon Derviller. We believe that having this space now puts us ahead of the game in the design industry and brings together a group of people that have an array of skills that we are able to have on tap!!

The past year has allowed us to settle in, get comfy with the space and to see what works and doesn’t work with the setup and now that we have grown ourselves, we do need to rethink the floor plan for the middle floor. In trying to make this a more fun approach we have asked everyone to design a floor plan to how they think the space should be used and what other ways will work and it will be really interesting to see all the results come together. Hopefully we will be able to pluck some ideas from each and rejig our floor space! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!

In the meantime, check out the links to our extended family within the warehouse and see what they are all up to.




If you want to read the whole story of the renovation you can read about it on Tumblr.


Sarah Young
Studio Manager, Imaginate

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