Illustration Feature

'Seasons' by Blex Bolex

Whilst perusing the shelves of a small bookshop a few weeks ago, a gem of a cover revealed itself nestled amongst the other books. With it’s pleasing vintage colour palette and beautifully crafted screen print illustrations, ‘Seasons’ by French illustrator Blex Bolex is a wholesome and thought provoking read. With it’s tactile fabric spine and style reminiscent of 1960s children’s book illustrations, it takes you on a journey through the intricacies, pleasures and ordeals of the changing seasons, exploring our relationship with nature from large scale events to the smallest details of everyday life. The images, some full of texture and detail, others perfectly minimalist, coupled with their unexpectedly philosophical titles, conjure memories, emotions and smiles at every turn of the page.

Gecko press said; “The most striking thing about it for me is that it forces you to slow down and to reflect on the associations within, which are not always immediately obvious. When you read the book as a whole, you really do get the sense that the world is both changing and unchanging. It’s a meditation.”


Christina Newman, Designer

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