The Historic Calcutta Cup

The Calcutta Cup is one of Rugby's most historic and legendary trophies.

It is a rugby union trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Six Nations Championship match between England and Scotland. It is currently England's since the 2009 Six Nations Championship.

Since the cup was first competed for in 1879, England has won just over half of the 123 matches, and Scotland has won around one third.

The cup itself is of Indian workmanship, decorated with cobras and an elephant. It is now in a fragile state after much mistreatment.

Imaginate was commissioned by the World Rugby Museum to photograph the cup in a way that it has never been captured before. Due to the shape, textures and details, it is very difficult to capture and retain all of the detail in the engraved panels.

The cup was painstakingly photographed in sections, each one lit uniquely to perfectly capture the individual details. The elements we merged together to create a perfect, representation that shows all of the beautiful features of the cup.