The Warehouse 44


The Warehouse 44 is THE brainchild and current home of Imaginate Creative. Back in July 2014, after years of searching and countless viewings of anything from lofts to pubs and purpose-built office space, the Imaginate Team finally signed the lease on their new studio.

Originally a chapel, then a paint warehouse, then a fish restaurant and more recently a nightclub by the name of 'Ocean', the building offered a wealth of history. Even though we had to compete with a lot of nasty nightclub toilets and sticky floors, we knew that underneath all the dust, beer bottles and smelly fridges there was a beautiful creative space waiting to be discovered.

The team went about stripping it back to it's raw bones, brick by brick, revealing it's original and beautiful industrial shell underneath.

Warehouse 44, is now a bustling creative hub, and is home to a cluster of like-minded creative people and companies, working in anything from photography to social media and game design. The open-plan, multi-level studio space nurtures a strong and cohesive community, where creativity and innovation is king.

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