They just can't get rid of me!

Let me be honest with you first and foremost, I’m not really a blogger. I am new to blogging. So please excuse any mistakes or cringy sentences you may find in this post as I am learning in this process and will hopefully make my next post a better one.

After completing two weeks of work experience in August 2016 at Imaginate Creative in Leamington Spa, they just couldn’t shake me! As a result, I am now Junior Designer growing and developing within the company. I currently do one day a week as part time staff whilst I finish my Visual Communication Graphic Design degree (BA) at Birmingham City University.

Why did I do work experience? Well, after my first year at university, I was feeling a bit deflated and was doubting my career path as well as my own creative abilities. I was struggling immensely with myself and the work, as I always push myself to achieve the best I can, and felt I was not doing this. However, what a turnaround I made during my experience here.

‘What did they do for me?’ I think the question is, ‘what didn’t they do for me?’, because I came out of the experience with a new found confidence and insight into the world of design. I was treated as an equal to every other member of staff, and due to this, was able to get the most from my time here and gain a wealth of knowledge from each member of the team. From web development to Acount management everyone has a key role here and are essential to the function of the company. I learnt new skills, software, tips, tricks and shortcuts! NEVER underestimate the importance of shortcuts! I was able to have one on one time with everyone, including Jo, who inspired and advised me to be the best designer I can be. I was given real life client briefs to contribute to, such as RFU and Exsportise, that showed me the process and procedure of careful and creative design including consistent reflection and amends, in order to assure the client receives our best outcome possible.

I went back to University in September last year with a new found confidence and attitude of ‘No one can tell me what I can and cannot do! I will show everyone my true potential’ and have since been enjoying and achieving my best work yet. The difference in my visual design work is astounding and I still have a long way to go! It can only get better from here.

I was offered this part time role starting October/November last year and have never looked back. Whilst the commute is long from Selly Oak, I always leave The Warehouse knowing that my day was well spent and worth the early commute. I not only feel useful to the team but feel that the knowledge I am gaining from my time here is second to none. Who else, at the age of 19, can say that they are lucky enough to not only complete their further education, but during this time have the wisdom and skills of an office as talented as this one to support me and advise me in the creative field.

Four months on and I’m still loving what I do. And a massive part of that is down to Imaginate Creative for this opportunity.

Advice to anyone reading this of the same age, lacking in confidence or doubting their career path: Complete work experience, step away from education, maybe just for a week or two, and experience the real working world - It was the best thing I ever did.


Abi Bills
Junior Designer, Imaginate


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