Bespoke Brewing Co.


The Bespoke Brewing Co, Mitcheldean, is situated in the Forest of Dean on the site of the old Wintles Brewery, a former large independent brewery which closed down in the early 1900s.

The heritage-rich site has been resurrected to carry on the traditional art of brewing. Bespoke commissioned Imaginate to breathe new life into the branding and packaging, focusing on typography as key, retaining elements of heritage and engaging their changing demographic.

We created a strong brand identity that was also transferable to form the labels themselves, rather than having a brand logo simply added to the top of a label design. We also devised a new colour palette for the rangewhilst also retaining Bespoke’s base brand colour, black, allowing the new colour palette to stand out.

Each of the ale’s names were given a quirky personality to match its flavour, along with a short story explaining the origins behind the names, which are based on old English proverbs. This further portrays Bespoke’s fun personality. The packaging had to not only compliment the new look but also promote other areas of the business. We used the lozengeshape die cut from the front to reveal the beers and using the portcullis as a graphic feature. Bespoke also decided to re-design their website to bring it in line with the new branding.


Projects include:

- Brand Identity
- Ale Bottle Labels
- Cider Bottle Labels
- Packaging Box
- Pump Clips
- Website