The Enemy It's Automatic Music Video

The Enemy are an English indie rock band formed in Coventry in 2006.

After 3 years taking a break from the music industry, The Enemy released their fourth studio album, “It’s Automatic”, on 9 October 2015. This album has seen the band move away from their previous rock, guitar led sound and grunge indie look. They wanted a reinvention, featuring a more mature, polished, contemporary look and sound.

The Video

Our brief was to create a music videothat visually married up with the new album creative and gave the band a completely shocking new look to match their new sound.

The video was created using two lighting set ups - one on dark and one white. The video concept was to show the emotions of the story, going from new love excitement, through to “whirlwind crazy” through to “love disappearing”...and then, it all starts again. Post production visual effects where used to create mind altering-esk visuals, replicating a 3D feel of seeing almost double. We shot black ink being dropped into water, and overlaid multiple video clips to merge the band members visually together. The final effect was dramatic, visual and artistic.