Thrills Of the Emporium Website

Thrills of the Emporium is a furniture shop in Leamington Spa, specialising in quirky product sourcing and upholstery.

The shop offered a sense of escapism, through entering the Emporium you enter a fantasy world, one create by the owner - Eleni.

The website design needed to be eclectic, to accurately reflect the shop itself. Using pictures of the products, we came created an inky and edgy illustrative moodboard, which we then animated so products subtley disappeared and emerged, reflecting the very nature of the Emporium - all the products are a one-off, once they're gone they're gone, and it will always look different on every visit.

The colour scheme was chosen by colour-picking from a moodboard made up of Eleni's products. We left this moodboard varied and eclectic, just like the illustration.

All of these elements combined - the illustration, colour scheme and animated banners, created a dynamic, evolving website, which also focused on a great user experience.