Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2016

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is a spectacular festive event in the heart of the capital.

For six weeks, London’s famous Hyde Park is transformed into a magical wonderland of winter festivities.

Winter Wonderland asked us to totally re-design and re-build their website, both in terms of look and functionality, in preparation for launch their 10th anniversary in winter 2016.

Building on their festive and fun brand, we created a magical looking site, complete with sparkles and snow!

Our in-house photographer Simon Derviller photographed the event for the site, capturing a stunning selection of shots which we re-touched to bring out even more magic.

When approaching the build of Hyde park winter wonderland we quickly delved into discussions with the clients and key stakeholders. Their knowledge formed a key resource to help organise and structure content. This step is crucial and is often overlooked, but is key to understanding the event and the unique details which make it special.

Using our knowledge of the principles of information architecture, we decided how to structure the site and how users should navigate through the site content. Behind the scenes, the site was built to be a powerful tool in terms of flexibility and extendability. As the event grows and changes year on year, the website must adapt and reflect those changes. With this in mind, we decided to empower our site admins with modular content tools, enabling them far reaching control over how the site looks & functions.

Beyond content creation, optimisation both for search and speed was paramount to the stability and success of this web platform. To this end, we leveraged industry standards in terms of coding practices, and supporting infrastructure such as content delivery networks.