New Old Tech

As progress continues to accelerate, Sush Kelly warns of the dangers of being seduced by every next big thing.

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Illustration Feature

With it’s pleasing vintage colour palette and beautifully crafted screen print illustrations, ‘Seasons’ by French illustrator Blex Bolex is a wholesome and thought provoking read.

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Artistic SPACE

The Chinese say that the most beautiful thing in existence is a blank space, a clean untouched piece of paper, an empty white room, an uninterrupted area of nothing……simply pure space.

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Biro Bear

Meg decided to test out George's GoPro on her lunchbreak, by drawing a quick biro bear...

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Crazy 8s - How they can help any Designer

When in a role where you oversee other designer/developers and help mould the companies use of technology it is important to be like a sponge when it comes to researching new techniques and ways of working.

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'Imagi' Days

At Imaginate we like to encourage the studio expand their creative boundaries by having ‘Imagi Days’.

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Implementing new communication tools

Over the last 12 months we have been experimenting with several new pieces of software to try and optimise studio communication and also provide some clarity to our processes when working on projects.

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